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Flooded forests, Stung Treng


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1 Day. Starting from Laos or Stung Treng get a flavour for the Mekong, the Irrawaddy dolphins and take a boat or kayak trip through the flooded forests to Stung...

Stung Treng

1 days

Day 1: Stung Treng
Leaving at 07:30 from Stung Treng or the 4000 Islands drive for about an hour to a small village where we will board a boat, if you are coming from Laos we arrange the transfers and help with the immigration process.

Head up river to a rocky stretch of river distinguished by its deep water pools and numerous islands. Further up river, a powerful Mekong fall creates a natural barrier to fish movement and we will find numerous fish species in the region downriver.

We will also have an opportunity to walk to this remote waterfall and visit a small fishing village traditional medicine that local people from village used for Malaria, Fever, Diarrhea, and water vine. Continue by boat downstream to see the Irrawaddy Dolphins that make their home in the deep pools found on the Cambodian Side of the border. After lunch start the kayak trip or boat trip from Ou Svay, kayak through the flooded forests a Ramsar Wetlands which supports a large variety of birds along the river. Enjoy the remoteness of the area feeling completely at one with nature.

Once you began kayaking, the scenery is immediately dramatic and shows many large trees sticking out of the water with their roots grown into the direction of the Mekong currents. The small islands appear everywhere around, in the wet season the water levels are higher and you will not see many islands. After a while, you will arrive in a little community called Veun Sien. Explore the village by foot for a while to relax, stop near the village of Veun Sien on one of the many sandy beaches for a lunch box before continuing by kayak to Koh Ky. From here we finish the trip by boat returning to Stung Treng.



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